Sheldon Shenanigans: The Jello Fiends

Once again, the prank war between myself and my elusive neighbor, Arnold, is back in full swing. After my last failed attempt, I found myself -1 on our prank war tally and determined to even out our ledger. As a result, I offer my readers yet another legend of Sheldon Court’s notorious 4th Floor: our legendary Jello fiends.

And by legendary, I mean not at all legendary.
And by Jello fiends, I mean The Batman and myself.

Our Weapon of Choice

Last weekend, I bought several boxes of Jello from a local 7-Eleven store to make my boyfriend a cardboard dog for Valentines’ Day. Consequently, I also became the owner of 16 pounds of Jello brand gelatin for which I had no use. The Batman–being the wise prankster that he is–suggested that we use the Jello to get back at Arnold who was currently absent from the hall. So off we went into the night, looking for the perfect tools and inspiration to plot our Jello-based revenge.


After some brainstorming, After amassing together several pots, a makeshift ladle, and a large plastic box that could fit inside of our floor’s refrigerator, we finally decided to bury Arnold’s favorite converse sneakers inside the 16 pounds of different colored Jello. It would take several hours and careful planning to make sure the Jello froze over the wrapped sneakers in perfect layers, but it would be a riot to watch Arnold eat through the Jello to retrieve his favorite sneakers. We collected several pots from our floormates and made a makeshift ladle from sticks, a spoon, and some tape in order to properly cook the Jello. Then, The Batman emptied out a large plastic box he had lying in his room for us to pour the Jello liquid into. We took Arnold’s sneakers, wrapped them up in several Ziploc bags, and set them at the bottom of the plastic container inside our refrigerator. Finally, we got to work and spent the next several hours making Jello.

At several moments throughout the night we feared we would be unable to complete the prank. For example, after the 2nd or 3rd layer of Jello, we noticed that the different colors had begun to mix with one another. We thought that by giving each layer a set time to cool in the refrigerator before pouring the next layer we would be able to avoid this mixing and create a layered, rainbow effect. Unfortunately,  something was wrong with our timing and/or how we poured the mixture into the container so the different Jello mixtures began to pool into a purplish-black mess. At first, we were a bit disappointed, but then The Batman pointed out that the black Jello may work in our favor by making the process of eating through the Jello even worse for Arnold. So we continued on….until our next setback.

The sneakers wouldn’t stay underneath the Jello.

When we had put the sneakers into the Ziploc bags, we accidentally left some air inside of them which in turn lifted the sneakers above each new layer of liquid Jello we poured into the container. In addition, the width of the container prevented the Jello from reaching a height that would completely cover the entire pair of sneakers. Noticing this problem, The Batman and I quickly substituted the converse shoes for Arnold’s dorm room keys, which were heavy and small enough to sink straight to the bottom of the mixture. It wasn’t the best substitution, but it was close enough to keep the prank alive.

Our Final Product

At about 3am or 4am, we finally finished the Jello and admired our handiwork. I wrote a note to Arnold with instructions for where he could find his dorm room keys and his converse sneakers, which I have kept in my room to this day awaiting an appropriate gift exchange of the shoes’ weight in Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups from Arnold. The Batman went to bed, and I went on to create a cardboard puppy for Spencer out of the remaining empty Jello boxes.

A few days later, I opened up the refrigerator to find the Jello still sitting on its bottom shelf but with a large whole in its center where we had buried Arnold’s keys. It brought a wide smile to my face.

Current Prank Ledger Reads: “Rose:1 and Arnold:0.”