Playing in a Winter Wonderland

Today, Mikey and I decided to go the Arts Quad to watch the pretty, white snow fall….

Photo Credit to Matt Munsey

…as we threw at some other students’ heads.

Yes, today Mikey and I participated in a planned snowball fight at Cornell’s Arts Quad. It was a wonderful event filled with laughter and harmless snow pelting. Our friend, The Batman, put together the event over Facebook and managed to attract a sizable group of people to reenact The Cornell Snowball Fight of 2011.

Officers Monitor Cornell’s Snowball Fight

To protect innocent pedestrians and the fragile windows of Olin Library, some police were nearby watching the fight unfold. However, despite their uniforms, they were enjoying the game as well. Although I didn’t witness any of the officers personally throw a snowball, I did overhear one of the officers say to his partner: “Ouch. Did you see that one? Right in the face…”

It was good to see our local police enjoying themselves alongside the students, especially since they were standing for a very long time in the cold for our own enjoyment. One officer was so nice as to take a picture with Mikey and me right before the fight ensued.

A Fellow Student and Friend Prepares Mikey for the Fight

The students were similarly excited to be a part of the action. Despite concerns that the timing of the fight (1:30pm) would deter students from attending because of class conflicts, numerous students arrived anmany of them stayed throughout the entire event. Some came with friends while others were surprised to find that many of their classmates had also decided to come coincidentally. The moments before the fight were filled of laughter and conversation, as students joked about forming alliances and sneaking up onto the roof of the Libe Cafe. Mikey and I managed to find several of our own friends on the battlefield, most of whom were willing to pose for pictures and give us tips on how to make the perfect snowball out of soft snow.

A Friend Helps Mikey with His First Snowball

Other students came later, joining in on the battle in a spur-of-the-moment decision once they realized what was happening. The majority of students waited together patiently, pacing the snow as they waited for the moment of truth. Others were more strategic and gathered up snow into piles of ready-to-go snowball ammo. Needless to say, it was obvious which students were attacked and which were the attackers when the battle finally began. Luckily, Mikey and I were well trained by our fellow students.

Another Student Poses with Mikey, Prepared for Battle 

Finally, at exactly 1:30pm, the clock tower rang.

Snowballs flew into the air and students targeted one another as fair game. It was so much fun that I sincerely wished I could have stayed there longer. Mikey’s fur was completely soaked by the time we walked back home, and my red coat was similarly covered in melting flecks of snow which had been hurdled at me from twenty different directions. In the end, we walked away with wet clothes, large smiles, and a video that is currently spreading across Facebook: Cornell’s Daily Sun Covers Cornell’s 2013 Snowball Fight.

Small events like snowball fights can be a lot of fun but, when an entire community gets together to put aside their stress and share time with one another, you know you’ve experienced something great. Thank you to all of the participants in this year’s Snowball Fight on the Arts Quad! Hopefully we can make this event an annual tradition.

Playing in a Winter Wonderland