The Adventures of Tobi

Photo Credit to Tony Liang

The Adventures of TobiĀ is a series of blog posts centered around the crazy shenanigans of a stuffed tiger toy and its owner. The series was inspired by a real-life project during the author’s Freshman year, when she communicated to her little sister by taking pictures of Tobi every day for three months. In the end, Tobi was lost on Cornell’s North campus on Halloween night and was never seen again. Although Tobi is now gone, his photos and stories continue to chronicle some of the milestones faced by every college freshman.

Posts are structured in the form of letters sent by the author to her little sister, Elisabeth, to be read when Elisabeth becomes older. Each post will feature pictures from the original project and a story containing lessons learned from the author’s year at Cornell University. To read some of The Adventures of Tobi stories, check out our topics cloud at the bottom of the page or keep a look out for photos of our iconic tiger friend.

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