Courses and Activities

The following is a list of the courses and activities the author has participated in at Cornell University:


  • AEM 1210: Entrepreneurship Speaker Series
  • ECON 1110: Introduction to Microeconomics
  • ILRID 1500: Freshman Colloquium
  • ILRLR 1100: Introduction to Labor History
  • ILROB 1220: Introduction to Organizational Behavior
  • PE 1350: Chi Gong
  • AEM 1200: Introduction to Business Management
  • ASIAN 2212: Introduction to China
  • ASTRO 1102: Our Solar System
  • COML 1126: [Freshman Writing Seminar] Comparative Literature: Parallel Worlds
  • ECON 1120: Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • PE 1180: Dance Technique I
  • ILRHR 2600: Human Resource Management
  • ILRLE 2400: Economics of Wages & Employment
  • ILRLR 2010: Labor & Employment Law
  • ILRLR 2050: Collective Bargaining
  • PAM 2100: Introduction to Statistics
  • PMA 2300: Beginning Dance Composition
  • AEM 2300: International Trade & Finance
  • ILRIC 4330: Politics of the Global North
  • ILROB 2225: Commitments to Groups and Organizations
  • PMA 3300: Intermediate Dance Composition
  • ILRHR 2660: Essential Desktop Applications
  • PMA 2800: Introduction to Acting
  • ILROB 4203: The Pragmatics of Leadership
  • ILRLR 3020: Strangers & Citizens: Immigration and Labor in U.S. History
  • ILRLR 4580: The Science of Social Behavior
  • PMA 2600: Fundamentals of Performance Design & Technology
  • ILRHR 3670: Employee Training & Development
  • ILRLR 3880: Unfree Labor: Servants, Slaves and Wives


  • Member of Alpha Phi Omega {Gamma Chapter}, a co-ed community service fraternity
  • Work Study Employment
  • Founder of The Rosalba Creations Group (RCG)
  • Participant in The College of Industrial and Labor Relations’ Fall 2014 Credit Internship Program

2 thoughts on “Courses and Activities

  1. Preeti Rawat says:

    These are wonderful courses. Didn’t know one gets to attend these kind!
    What do you think you can go for after graduation? (i mean the job prospects)

    • Roselby M. Sosa says:

      At the moment, I’m still deciding on which career path I want to pursue after graduation. In the College of Industrial and Labor Relations, students have a wide range of options for post-graduation. If you want to see what some other students have done, then I recommend you look at the college’s postgraduate report. The most recent one can be found for the graduating undergraduate class of 2013.

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