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The Face Behind The Travelling Rose

Roselby M. Sosa is currently an undergraduate student at Cornell University. She studies at the College of Industrial and Labor Relations and plans to graduate with a Bachelors’ degree in May 2015. Among her many interests, she greatly enjoys writing and hopes to give some insight on student life at Cornell University to her readers.

Many of her blog posts in “The Travelling Rose” will center on the activities and classes she participates in while at Cornell. If you want a better understanding of Roselby’s academic and extracurricular background, take a look at her past Coursework and Activities. Check in periodically for updates on future class and activities she may take on throughout this semester.

If you’re interested in learning more about a particular activity or class, use our convenient tagging system to find specific posts about that subject. Click on the gear icon at the top right hand side of this page to see what topics have already been covered in previous blog posts. Or, click on the magnifying glass icon to search for key words across posts. More subjects will be added as more and more blog posts are updated and labeled. If there is a class or activity you would like to read more about on the blog, leave a comment on the Coursework and Activities page and Roselby will be sure to take your interest into consideration for future posts.

Aside from class and extracurriculars, the blog will also focus on some more interpersonal conflicts which Roselby will be tackling during her four years at college. In her Letter From the Author, Roselby talks directly to you—her readers—about what she hopes to aspire to in her college years and about what she hopes to give to you through her blog posts. If you want a better feel of the author’s personality outside of her blog posts, the Letter From the Author is a great peak into her intentions and personal interests.

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