Expresso Book Machine

The next time you’re walking through The Cornell Store, be sure to check out the Expresso Book Machine. You can’t miss it; it’s a large printing machine on the store’s top floor, next to Cafe Jenny.

It’s a special machine students can use to print books from the public domain or to publish their own writings. It costs quite a pretty penny, but you can print several copies of your own books at a price significantly lower than any other local publisher could offer. It’s a great opportunity, particularly for student writers. Plus, it’s a really cool initiative by the store to offer more activities inside the store. If you take a look around the machine, you can see the several books that have already been printed by students using the machine, as the Cornell Store offers students the opportunity to showcase their works there. It’s cool to see what projects fellow Cornell students have created and to support such initiatives on campus. I highly recommend checking it out for a few minutes on your next trip through the store.

To learn more about the machine and how you can use it, click here.

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