Friends on the Hill

Yesterday, Mikey and I both went to a meeting with the other C.U. student bloggers. Among many things, the event was a great opportunity for all of us to catch up and to discuss some new ideas for the Friends on the Hill blog platform and future posts.

Credit for this picture goes to the owner of those three fingers…whoever they are…

Many of our friends are graduating at the end of this semester (aw, so sad!), and it was nice to hear that many of them will be using their blogs this Spring to reflect on their experiences as students here at Cornell. Maybe their reflections will give us underclassman a better idea of what we can expect in our futures? Our other friends had similarly interesting ideas for their blogs, as well. It got me thinking about all the different ways I can try to make this blog more interesting this semester. Any ideas, readers?

We finished the meeting with a quirky video featuring none other than Mikey the Panda, himself! Mikey and I have been filming a lot of videos lately for my little sister back home (more on that later), but it was especially nice to make something impromptu with our friends from the hill. Maybe it’s not the best quality shot, but it’s definitely a keeper memory-wise!

And, of course, Mikey would like to give a special shout-out to a few student workers at Day Hall who helped Mikey and I find the room where the C.U. bloggers’ meeting was taking place. Day Hall is a maze–one of many on campus–and we are especially thankful for their help. They were even nice enough to pose for a short video clip!

Well, that’s all for today. Signing off from on top of the hill!

If you haven’t already, I greatly recommend checking out the other C.U. student bloggers’ blogs, too, whenever you have the chance. It will benefit you to get different perspectives on what life is like at Cornell, I promise. Check out their blogs at the link below:

Feel the love! 😀

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