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Dr. Rizvi is currently teaching the following courses:

FD SC 4210 – Food Engineering Principles (Every Fall)

Introduces the engineering principles underlying food processes and equipment. Topics include thermodynamics, mass and energy balance, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transport, refrigeration, and psychrometrics.


FD SC 6010 – Principles and Practice of Food Science & Technology (Every Fall )

Students are introduced to the principles and applications in food chemistry, food microbiology, food processing and engineering, sensory science, and international food science. Enrollment limited to graduate standing.


FD SC / IARD 4020 – Agriculture in Developing Nations I (Every Fall) – Value Addition Component

Acquaint students with the value addition issues and problems in international agriculture and rural development and to demonstrate how problems in food processing are being addressed in India and Thailand.


FD SC / IARD 6020 – Int’l Agriculture in Developing Nations (Every Spring) – Value Addition Component

The course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to observe food processing and value addition in India, based on field trip to India during January intersession. 


FDSC 6650 – Food and Bioprocessing Systems (Spring, Odd Years, One-third) 

Fundamental and quantitative analyses of current and emerging techniques used in the processing of foods and related biological materials. 

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