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“I feel my typewriters, my table, my chair to have that assurance of a solid world, where things take up space, where there is not the endless emptiness of insubstantial thought that leads to nowhere but itself.” – page 207


Homer’s last words in the novel are “my brother” and his first are “I’m Homer, the blind brother.” In this novel, how is brotherhood defined? Is this a conventional or a unique definition of what it means to be brothers?

Try this:

In addition to your personal reflections on this topic, you may want to use new technologies to support your views.  For example, search for the title Homer & Langley in Google Books, open the Preview of Doctorow’s book and use the internal search box on the left side of the page to search the word “brother” as a keyword.  This search serves as an electronic index and helps you locate all of the relevant passages in the book that contain that word. (Note:  Adding the letter “s” and making the word plural, changes your search results.)

Tell us your digital humanities strategies for assessing and analyzing our book.


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