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“I feel my typewriters, my table, my chair to have that assurance of a solid world, where things take up space, where there is not the endless emptiness of insubstantial thought that leads to nowhere but itself.” – page 207


When Langley comes back from the war, Homer puts Langley’s Springfield rifle on the fireplace mantel, saying that this object represents “almost the first piece in the collection of artifacts from our American life” (p. 24). Find three or four other objects from the real Collyer’s house that symbolize their “American” life. What makes these objects “American”? What makes Homer and Langley an American novel?

Try this:

Search in Google to find information about the contents of the Collyer’s house or search in Google Images for “collyer brothers” or “homer and langley” to find a variety of photographs of what was removed from the house in 1947.


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