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“I feel my typewriters, my table, my chair to have that assurance of a solid world, where things take up space, where there is not the endless emptiness of insubstantial thought that leads to nowhere but itself.” – page 207


Describe some of the women in Homer’s life, from Julia to Jacqueline Roux. Which of his female companions do you think, in the end, is most important to Homer? Why does he love her?

Try this:

In addition to your personal reflections on this topic, you may want to use new technologies to substantiate your views.  For example, search for the title Homer & Langley in Google Books, open the Preview of Doctorow’s book and use the internal search box on the left side of the page to search the women’s names as keywords.  This search serves as an electronic index and helps you locate all of the relevant passages in the book that contain those names.

Tell us your digital humanities strategies for assessing and analyzing our book.


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