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New era in architecture is decidedly natural

Architecture is responsible for many of the world’s most awe-inspiring and beautiful innovations in history. By design, architecture is all about taking a concept, an idea, and bringing it to vivid life by building it into existence. There is something artistic about architecture. It makes sense. After all, by its very nature, architecture is artistic expression driven into motion by the thoughts and concepts of creative minds. Some of the grandest feats of human accomplishment have been at the hands of architects (think the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, or the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza, to name a few examples). Throughout history, the greatest feats of architecture have been so because they are unique and ground-breaking. That is the whole point of the field; to create something fresh and exciting. The only constant in architecture is that it is always changing. Every so often, new trends find their way into the industry, replacing older trends that have had their fifteen seconds of fame.

The latest and greatest in architecture is bringing the natural into living spaces. This is not entirely unexpected, seeing as there has been a distinctly global awakening in terms of the importance and inherent beauty of the natural world. In recent years, people have been making more environmentally friendly lifestyle choices, and most (if not all) people now generally agree that the perfect home is one that emboldens the natural beauty of its surrounds, while achieving the comfort and style of the person living in the building. These days, architecture is all about opening spaces to make them feel more naturally flowing, and the inclusion of gigantic, sweeping window panes that encourage natural light to pour into the rooms. People are more aware than ever that they can have the same calming and serene feel to their homes, as the one they get when they are on holiday – and they are actively chasing it, craving the vision and aching to bring it into their lives.

This new naturally-inclined trend in architecture encompasses every aspect of the process. Whether it is hiring a professional house painter to bring new life into the rooms of the home, or renovating a property from the ground up to bring back its natural allure to a shining new evolution of its former glory (or anything in between, for that matter), architecture and home design these days both centre around the natural wonder in this world. Open plan living, for example, is an architecture approach that aims to bring the spaces in the home together in a collective embrace, while allowing them to each shine as their own facet of modern living. Every aspect of the home, from the polished stone kitchen benchtops, to the wood used to craft and perfect the door and window frames (again, and everything in between), people are asking for their architects to create more naturally-inspiring atmospheres. More than ever, natural is in, and artificial is well and truly out.

The organic shapes and naturally-inclined home design tricks that have shaped the current approach to architecture that we know and love today, are the very same innovative movements that drove the notion to success in the first place. Once upon a time, architecture approaches that promoted sectioned living spaces and clean-cut design lines were the bell of the ball. Now, properties that embody the natural approach to architecture are the strongest selling on the market, and they will likely keep their place at the top of the ladder for the foreseeable future. There is something to be said about the wonder that natural architecture tends to draw out of individuals, and modern-day architects are all too aware of the atmosphere that these natural approaches create. In fact, it is becoming more and more common for naturally-inclined home designs to be asked for when architects are first approached. Today, architecture is all about natural inclines and stunning arcs.

One of the grandest forms of artistic expression there is, architecture is magic in vivid motion. Throughout history, all over the world, architecture has delighted and inspired millions of people. Today, the current trend that is taking dominance in the architecture industry is the use of the natural. Rather than artificial lines and over-exaggerated arcs, the present movement in architecture is more naturally-inclined. From the organic shapes that make up the home design features of the property, to the colour schemes and approach to lighting in the home, architecture today is all about bringing as much nature into our living spaces as possible. There is something to be said for encouraging and wholeheartedly embracing natural design elements, and architecture today knows this all too well. Considering the global appraisal of this latest evolution in architecture, it is likely that it will only continue to become more and more powerful in the coming years.

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