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About this blog

Welcome to the blog for the Recruitment, Acceptance, Retention and Education (RARE) task force at Cornell University.  This blog is part of the Cornell Blogs Service.  RARE is an independent task force and its recommendations are not approved by Cornell University at this time.

In April 2012, RARE published its draft recommendations for hazing prevention within Greek life at Cornell.

We are now reaching out to our community – undergraduates, parents, alumni, nationals, chapters, faculty, administration and experts – to discuss hazing at Cornell and RARE’s recommendations.  We want to hear how we can change and improve these recommendations, as well as hear your ideas for hazing prevention.   This outreach will continue through September 2012, after which we will begin a phased implementation during the remainder of the 2012-2013 academic year.

This blog is our interactive forum.  It will be used for outreach, planning, implementation and monitoring through the remainder of RARE’s existence.

Please note the following:

  • We’d encourage you to start with the RARE Livestreaming Event and Frequently Asked Questions under Pages to bring you up to speed on the RARE initiative.
  • Categories will help us organize our conversations.   Feel free to add a comment.  Before posting your comment, be sure to select the Category that best matches the comment or your area of interest.
  • The Blogroll is where we will share links to related groups, conversations and resources.
  • We will also be asking questions and sharing news with those following our blog.  Here you will be able to keep up to date on RARE’s activities.

We ask those participating to approach this conversation with the respect it deserves and to communicate with one another in a manner consistent with the values of Greek life.

Thank you for joining the conversation and Go Big Red!