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Current Schedule

Dewitt 6th Grade Class 1/10/17 Tues 2:25-3:20pm Dewitt Middle School
Cornell Welcome Weekend 1/27/17 Fri 8pm-11pm Willard Straight Hall
First LEGO League 1/28/17 Sat 1pm-3pm Duffield Hall
Ubuntu 2/21/17 Tues 1:30pm-2:30pm 1891 Trumansburg Road
Belle Sherman Afterschool 2/24/17 Fri 10pm-11pm 501 Mitchell Street
Court-Kay-Bauer 3/4/17 Sat 4pm-5pm Court-Kay-Bauer
GRASSHOPR 3/13/17 Mon 10am-11am Belle Sherman
Clara Dickson 3/22/17 Wed 7:30-8:30pm Clara Dickson House
Ecology House 3/26/17 Sun 3:30pm-4:30pm Ecology House
Vet School Open House 4/1/17 Sat 10am-4pm Cornell Vet School
TST Career and Tech 4/3/17 Mon 12:45-1:45 Morrison Hall
Tompkins County Public Library 4/17/17 Mon 3pm-4pm Tompkins County Public Library
Vertebrates Class 4/21/17 Fri 11:15-12:05 Cornell Campus
Risley Harry Potter Night 4/21/17 Fri 5pm Risley House



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