Past Birds

This page is a tribute to previous CRP ambassadors who have since moved on from our program.

Cooper’s Hawk

Jack is a rehabilitated bird estimated to have hatched in 2007. He had ocular issues in his right eye which left him non-releasable.

Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Florence was obtained as a rehabilitated bird in 1996. She was unsuccessful as a propagation bird and was retired from education programs before she passed away at the ripe old age of nearly 24 years.

Eastern Screech Owl

Valkyrie came to CRP from a local wildlife rehabilitator. He sustained a permanent right wing injury and ocular trauma to his right eye. Valkyrie passed away in October 2019.

Turkey Vulture

Ed was found in 2008 with an injured wing and foot. She was likely hit by a car but, by the time she was found, the bones had begun to heal incorrectly. Due to her lasting injuries, she had a slight limp and can only flap short distances. In September 2019, Ed quietly passed away under the care of CRP members and veterinarians due to complications from her permanent injuries and subsequent health degeneration.

Swainson’s Hawk

Hank was a very young bird when he was found with a right eye injury in 2014. While it is unknown how he was injured, he was left blind in one eye and thus non-releasable. Because he was so young when found, he ended up becoming imprinted on people. Hank sadly passed away in spring of 2019.