Become a Public Achievement Coach!

Those who have been Public Achievement Coaches usually say they would take the job for free. Coaches get paid to do incredibly meaningful work and to increase the number of tools in their toolboxes at the same time. Being an effective coach requires a desire to help youth recognize the power of their voices and to help them realize the value of public participation. The job description below will provide the detail:

 Hours per week: 8-10 hours

Starting Wage: $10.00 per hour

Pubic Achievement Coaches have the privilege to work with youth of different ages and to facilitate the conditions under which these youth can realize their potential to be agents of change in their communities. Depending on the project, coaches may be inspiring youth to take action on an issue they care about, helping youth develop critical thinking skills, cultivating healthy group dynamics, helping youth discover effective and innovative ways of expressing passion, or supporting youth in need of a role model. Coaches will work with any of a number of schools in Ithaca and the surrounding region.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with a group of other coaches to create lesson plans and activities for your students;
  • Arrive at school site on time and prepared to work with students;
  • Attend weekly professional development meetings with Amy and other coaches;
  • Development and maintain an e-portfolio with weekly reflections;
  • Become familiar with the local community such as its local government, issues and concerns in the community;
  • Assist with the logistical and administrative components of the Public Achievement Program;

To apply, send your application and resume to with the subject line “First name Last name Application”.

Click for the Official Public Achievement Coach Application.