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Group study rooms in Engineering (Carpenter Hall) can now be reserved

If you need a small room for a group project or study session, there are now 4 such available rooms available on the Engineering Library study space in Carpenter Hall. These rooms can be reserved online.

The rooms are as follows:

-Team Room 103C (8-10 people)
-Team Room 103D (8-10 people)
-Team Room 109 (6 people; not fully enclosed)
-Team Room 110 (6 people; not fully enclosed)

For all of these rooms, reserve online at and choose “Request a Lab” at right. (Please note: The page above does not work using mobile/smartphone browsers. It will need to be done via a conventional laptop or desktop browser.)

In response to the menu question “Is this request only for software installation?” chose the second option (“No”). Then choose one or more of the “Team Rooms” in Carpenter, as desired, from the drop-down menus.

If you have any questions, contact us at

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