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ChemBioDraw Ultra – now available

1/6/14 EDIT:  Our catalog record has been updated with the correct name and you may find that record here.

Great news for those working with chemical structure drawings:  The Physical Sciences Library now has the most recent version of ChemBioDraw Ultra in the catalog.  This means access for you to this resource!


  Download here.


It is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.  The downloadable program includes MNova Std/Lite, Chem3D Pro 12.0 (W), ChemBioFinder Std 12.0 (W), ChemBioViz Pro 12.0 (W), E-Notebook Pro 12.0 (W), ChemBioFinder/Office 12.0 (W), the ChemDraw and Chem3D (W) ActiveX Pro Controls & Plugins, and the ChemINDEX (Index, RXN, NCI & AIDS) Databases (W).


If you have questions about downloading or using this resource, please ask our Chemistry Librarian, Leah McEwen or email us at

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