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Publishing your Research 101

ACS has a series of 7 online videos to watch on publishing your research.  Episodes are less than 20 minutes (some less than 10) and describe everything from writing a basic paper, getting peers to review, submitting and ethical considerations.  These videos are made available free via ACS Publications.

Here is the episode breakdown:

Ep. 1 : How to Write a Paper to Communicate Your Research

Ep. 2 : Writing Your Cover Letter

Ep. 3 : Selecting Peers to Suggest as Reviewers

Ep. 4 : Submitting Your Manuscript Using the ACS Paragon Plus Environment

Ep. 5 :Ethical Considerations for Authors and Reviewers

Ep. 6 : The Review Process for Authors and Reviewers

Ep. 7 : Open Access and ACS AuthorChoice

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