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Free workshop: Managing data to facilitate your research

Managing data to facilitate your research:
August 2, 4pm
PSB 120 

It is increasingly important that scientists are aware of how to manage research data in order to facilitate their research. The National Science Foundation (NSF) requires a data management plan with all grant applications (including dissertation improvement grants!), but data management is just as important for the individual researcher trying to document and organize files, track scientific output, and perform quality control. Many of these skills are learned by trial and error, or passed on by peers.

We will speed up that process, focusing on the best practices of scientists and institutions that provide a framework for managing your research data. In this workshop, you will also begin to work on a personalized data management plan that satisfies NSF requirements, and that will help you to manage your data, saving time and enabling you to focus your efforts on your research.

Light refreshments will be provided prior to the seminar at 3:50p right outside the door.

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