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Nobel Laureate Hans Bethe Videos

Cornell University News Service press release March 7, 2006

Nobel laureate Hans Bethe, the last of the giants of the golden age of 20th-century physics and the birth of modern atomic theory, and one of science’s most universally admired figures, died quietly yesterday evening at his home in Ithaca, N.Y. He was 98.”  ( entire press release )

For additional information about Dr. Bethe, go to the Nobel Committee web site

To honor Dr. Bethe and share his insights with the world, Cornell has made the following lectures available on-line.

Quantum Physics Made (Relatively) Simple  (3 lectures)

I can do that!  Hans Bethe’s First 60 Years at Cornell

Remembering Hans Bethe     (from his memorial service)Supplemental Hans Bethe videos     (4 videos)

1.    An Evening with Hans Bethe: The German Atomic Bomb Project
2.    Hans Bethe and David Mermin Discuss theEarly History of Solid
      State Physics
3.    A Conversation with Emeritus Professor Dr. Hans Bethe and Dr.
      Victor Weisskopf
4.    A Conversation with Emeritii Professors Dr. Hans Bethe and Dr.
      Revised Robert Wilson

~Pat Viele, Physics and Astronomy Librarian

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