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Written texts are also an important part of the dossier to demonstrate written competencies.
They can be any kind of written work, discussing any topic. It could be a poem, a story, a screenplay, a biography, a letter, a dialogue, an essay, a CV, an entry from a diary, a travelogue, a report, a research paper, and so on…
It can be work, one has produced during a language class, but it can also be written pieces produced outside a language class.
Such a sample text should either be attached to the e-Portfolio as pdf file, or in a Blog entry itself. If the dossier text is published as a Blog post, the reflection about this piece should be visibly distinguishable from the dossier text itself.


I believe this version for publishing a written dossier piece should only be used, if the text is short. For example when an e-Portfolio is updated during a trip through a country of the target language. So each post can serve as entry of a travel journal, describing and discussion various (especially cultural) experiences and impressions while they are still fresh.

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  1. We’ve been using ePortfolios for the last 2 at our institution, and one of the challenges we are constantly dealing with is the quality and depth of students’ reflexions 🙂

    Over the years, we are noticing that a good chunk of our students generate what we call “canned” reflections that lack depth. Just wondering if you have experienced something similar.

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