Audio File

Audio files can also be part of the dossier of an e-Portfolio.

The reflection about the sound file can be written in the blog entry (= what you are reading right now), and the audio file itself can be uploaded and displayed in the entry.

Here is a: sample-audio

In the recoding I mentioned Creative Commons, which “provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry”.

I used GarageBand to do the recording and editing. The sound and music I used were also provided by the program. Please see other entries for more information about audio recordings.

3 thoughts on “Audio File

  1. Yes, users can download the audio file. Just right mouse click on the audio link and then “Save Link As…”.

    I am still experimenting with video… so far it can be posted but not directly played back in the blog entry, only on a different page of the browser. One would have to install a plugin for that… which depends on the provider of the blog…

  2. Audio files also..?? Did not know that you needed to add this too. But its a brilliant idea to add audio files.
    A more interactive way to promote your e-portfolio. I should really try this…

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