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Brief History of Cornell’s Involvement with Ag Research in the Hudson Valley

May 22, 1923: New York State Governor signs legislation enabling the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (NYSAES) at Geneva to establish a field station for agricultural research in the Hudson Valley “for the experimental study of the problems of increasing the production and controlling the diseases and injurious insects of the horticultural crops of the Hudson River Valley.”

1923-62: Cornell scientists working in the Hudson Valley are initially based individually at various locations, then on the campus of Vassar College, thereafter, at two locations in Poughkeepsie.

1942: The local fruit industry organizes the Hudson Valley Horticultural Research Cooperative (later renamed the Hudson Valley Research Laboratory, Inc.) to provide assistance and leadership in finding appropriate facilities.

1962: After fire guts the Poughkeepsie laboratory, the Hudson Valley Research Laboratory, Inc. arranges to purchase land and construct a new laboratory. Cornell University agrees to lease, equip, and staff the new buildings and to purchase additional acreage adjacent to the site for experimental plantings.

1963: Scientists move into the new facility at the current location in Highland.

1964: Experimental orchards are planted behind the laboratory; some are used until 1997.

1974: The Hudson Valley Research Laboratory, Inc. organizes and underwrites an addition to the original laboratory that nearly doubles available space for offices and laboratories.

1991: Cornell University constructs a modern pesticide facility and pesticide rinse-water disposal system in the research orchard.

1994: 5 Acre Plot to the north of the orchard is acquired.

1998: Hudson Valley Lab celebrates its 75th anniversary.

2014: New partnership between Cornell University and the Hudson Valley Research Laboratory, Inc. is formed to promote continued funding, staffing, and operations of the Hudson Valley Lab.

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