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Chemical Inventory & Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

The Vertére Inventory Manager is a multi-module inventory management system for control of materials used in research.  Here, in the Physical Science Complex, Vertere is the system of choice for the management of hazardous chemicals.

Researchers are required to barcode all materials falling under any of the following hazard classes and/ or recognized under the Globally Harmonized System as   hazardous materials.


The  Vertere system can be accessed  here.

Chemicals obtained through the chemistry department stockroom are provided with barcodes however, users must use the handheld scanner at the user station to transfer materials from stockroom inventory to individual user inventories.

Barcodes must be removed from empty containers and returned to the Vertere system administrator to update the user inventory.

Re-inventory occurs annually or bi-annually for Complex users.

Safety data sheets are available online through Chemwatch.  These can be accessed directly through the Vertere inventory interface by clicking on the  CW symbol or using the following link:

The Vertere system administrator is Yvonne Ellis. She can be reached at or 255-4123.