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Shipping & Receiving

Shipping Address:

Although the Physical Sciences Building is located at 245 East Avenue for emergency response purposes, we share our loading dock and shipping/receiving area with the Clark Hall and Rockefeller Hall.  Since all of our mail, packages and equipment deliveries come and go through this shared dock, the shipping address is the same for all three buildings:

Your Name

Room Number, Building Name (e.g. 286 Clark Hall)

142 Sciences Drive

Ithaca, NY 14853-3501

Please note: If you want a package delivered to your lab, use the lab room number.  If you want a package delivered to your office, use your office room number.  No hazardous materials should be delivered to an office location.

Mail & Package Services

The Physical Sciences Complex has both campus mail and regular US postal services available.  Smaller packages and mail are dropped off in the Mail Room, 117 Clark Hall by the U.S. Postal Service, and some of this mail is then distributed to departmental mail rooms for AEP (271B Clark Hall) and CLASSE (457 Physical Sciences Building).  Larger packages are sent and received at the Clark Hall Loading Dock, and this process is administered by our Clark Hall Building Coordinator in room BG38.  The Shipping & Receiving Office hours are 7:30am-4:00pm Monday-Thursday and 7:30am-3:00pm on Friday.  There are a variety of shipping and receiving options for facility occupants as listed below, and pre-printed labels can be purchased on line through your home department’s purchasing/finance team:

Note: Federal regulations require training for everyone who ships or packages “Hazardous Materials” or “Dangerous Goods” including:

  • Compressed gases, Toxic/Poisons, Flammable (liquids and solids), Corrosives, Explosives, Oxidizers
  • Dry Ice (any quantity)
  • Lithium Batteries (only UN Manual tested batteries can be shipped)
  • Infectious Substances (to humans or animals)
  • Return shipment of hazardous materials

If you plan to ship any hazardous materials please contact Environmental Health & Safety.  The following web link has all of the important information as well as the correct person to contact:

Large Shipments/Equipment

Our loading dock is equipped with a dock plate and is able to accommodate heavy equipment shipped by “common carrier”.  If you plan to have large packages/equipment shipped or delivered please contact the Clark Hall Building Manager or the Physical Sciences Facilities Coordinator to arrange for assistance with moving items to or from the dock.

Please note that no 53′ cargo trailers are allowed on delivery trucks on campus, so you must make your supplier/shipper aware of this issue.  Here is the link to Cornell University Police – Traffic Safety where you can find more detail: