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Need Items Transported?

LASSP has retired its departmental van from service due to maintenance costs exceeding its value.  Given this situation, there are several services available to folks here on campus that serve as good alternatives:

  • Cornell’s Red Runner Service– see the link below for services and rates.   This option is a good alternative for getting a package or a person point-to-point for as little as $9.00
  • Cornell’s Fleet Services– see link below for vehicle options and rates.  This option is best if you need a car or transport van for a day or more.
    • Please note that only faculty, staff, and students of Cornell University are allowed to drive or be passengers in any University-owned vehicles.  Usage must be on official university business.
    • Students (Non faculty/staff) and anyone holding an international license, must be pre-approved by the Risk Management Office in order to drive a fleet vehicle.
  • Central Facilities Trade Assistants can be used via a request to Facilities Customer Service.  This option would be a good choice for large objects that require rigging/fork trucks/etc. and should be coordinated with our Physical Sciences Complex Facilities Team at
    • If you have some large or unusual lab equipment to move, please consult with us regarding other potential alternatives.