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Liquid Nitrogen Dispensing – Clark Hall

The Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics (LASSP) maintains a liquid nitrogen dispensing facility at Clark Hall, located in room BH21 in the basement near the loading dock.  If you are interested in purchasing liquid nitrogen from this facility, you will need to have a valid Cornell departmental account, and you will also be required to complete the following training in CULearn ( in order to gain card access to this facility:

  • EHS 3055 – Cryogen Safety (this course is a prerequisite for course PSCFM 7055 below)
    • This course is available on-line and can be taken at any time
  • PSCFM 7055 – Clark Hall Liquid Nitrogen Dispensing Facility User Training
    • This course is conducted on site at BH21 Clark Hall, and the course schedule can be found in CULearn

If you have questions about purchasing liquid nitrogen or are unfamiliar with how to use of the purchasing kiosk, please stop by to see Robert Sprankle ( in the LASSP stockroom at G20 Physical Sciences.

If you notice any physical problems with the dispensing room, please report the issue to our facilities team at

If you will be transporting liquid nitrogen in a motor vehicle, you must make yourself aware of the requirements by taking the CULearn Course and referring to the NYS and EHS requirements below:

The Clark Hall liquid nitrogen dispensing room is outfitted with a card reader and a security camera to ensure that only authorized personnel use the facility in a safe and proper manner.  Anyone observed using the facility inappropriately or unsafely (see examples below) will be given one warning.

  • Not wearing proper personal protective equipment
  • Not being present while filling a dewar
  • Overfilling a dewar
  • Not recording purchases at the kiosk (note: the minimum purchase amount for each visit is 10 liters, regardless of how much you actually dispense).

If there is a second occurrence of inappropriate or unsafe use of the facility, access to the room will be removed pending retraining.