Sean Murphy

 Sean Murphy grew up in Penn Yan, NY and graduated from Penn Yan Academy in 2012. From there, he enrolled at Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC) in the A.A.S. Horticulture degree program. Upon graduating in 2014, Sean transferred to Morrisville State College to further his horticultural education and pursue a B.T. in Horticulture Business Management. After graduating from Morrisville, he moved to Allentown, PA to complete an internship for the degree program and spent four months working at Dan Schantz Greenhouse. The greenhouse is the 30th largest in the United States and grows bedding plants for Walmart, Lowes, and many other retail stores. Sean primarily worked as a summer helper and plant/hard goods inventory specialist.

Sean’s past research included working alongside Cornell Summer Scholars in 2015 studying parthenocarpic squash under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Reiners and Jim Ballerstein. Subsequently, Karen Luong has continued this research and has built up more evidence of parthenocarpy in summer squash and zucchini varieties.

Sean is currently working as a technician in the EVADE lab and hopes to continue his education at Cornell University in Crop Management. Sean has also traveled to Greece and Italy and has seen opportunities to fortify relationships with other branches of agriculture and colleges there. He hopes to collaborate with European Universities on conducting further plant research.


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