The primary goal of the extension program is to provide reliable information to vegetable growers and industry stakeholders to encourage the adoption of durable management strategies and tactics for the control of vegetable diseases in New York.

Activities and priorities are informed by conversations with my Cornell Cooperative Extension collaborator, Dr. Julie Kikkert (Cornell Cooperative Extension Regional Vegetable Team Leader), key vegetable grower representatives, and industry stakeholders to ensure the effectiveness of the extension program to respond to the issues impacting upon the profitability and sustainability of New York agriculture. My primary commodity partners are the processing and broad-acre vegetable growers and industries which are predominantly geographically located in western New York.

Research findings are discussed at regular meetings of the relevant commodity advisory groups (e.g. New York Vegetable Research Association and Council and New York State Dry Bean Council), and statewide extension events, such as the Empire Expo held annually in January.




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