Lori Koenick


Lori Koenick received a Bachelor of Science in Applied and Environmental Microbiology from West Viriginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia (2016). She is currently working towards her MS in Plant Pathology (anticipated spring 2019) in the EVADE program.

Lori’s research primarily focuses on understanding the importance of the fungal pathogen, Phoma betae, in organic and conventional table beet production in New York. She is developing microsatellite markers for use in population genetic studies on P. betae. Her research is also quantifying table beet cultivar susceptibility to Phoma leaf spot.

Lori hails from Potomac, Maryland. When she’s not in the lab, she enjoys swimming, hiking, reading for fun, and trying out new recipes!

Email: lbk75@cornell.edu

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