No Tears (Yet)

Today is the last day of class of my undergraduate career. Many of my friends reached this milestone last night during AMST 2001: The First American University, our beloved Cornell history class. We had an awesome semester proving the thesis that Cornell was the first institution of higher learning in the U.S. that truly embodied American ideals and democratic sentiments. Two excellent teachers, memorable stories, and a rap about Cornell from one of our classmates… the class exceeded my expectations. And I totally understand why fellow seniors would be misty-eyed from ending their Cornell careers on this class. On some level, we’ve all been internalizing thoughts on the marks we’ll leave on the world after Cornell. This class ended with an explicit mandate to graduate and make Cornell proud, or at least show people that we’re not all like Andy “I Went to Cornell, Ever Heard of It?” Cornell.

I haven’t gotten emotional yet, possibly because there’s an absurd amount of work between me and my diploma. My last class at Cornell will be my ethics seminar this afternoon, and I have to say I’ll be a little bit glad to say goodbye to Kant. My remaining work is all very personally meaningful, though. I’m proud that my last semester here has been spent working on topics that matter to me, and I’ve grown so much as a student that I can do them justice. April and May are dedicated to budget reconciliation in the Senate, whether health care is a right, a Springsteen song, labor unions and Obama’s health care reform efforts, Martin P. Catherwood (dean of ILR and namesake of our library), and my views on Obama’s first two years in office (spoiler alert: they are very favorable.) ILR, politics, social justice, and Bruce… that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. As usual, I have a lot to celebrate.

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