The Music Library Rocks

New Orleans Music

In less than two weeks, I’ll be in New Orleans for the conference of the United Association of Labor Educators. I’m presenting a paper I wrote in my labor history seminar last semester, also known as the toughest class I’ve taken at Cornell, along with ten or so other student scholarship winners. I can’t wait. To set my excitement to music, I walked over to the Sidney Cox Library in Lincoln Hall, the music building on the Arts Quad, and checked out as much music from the region as I could find. I spent the next hour copying CDs and reading liner notes (though I had told myself I’d be able to do work while putting the music in my computer… alas.) For someone who loves both music and libraries, I was kind of shocked that this was my first time checking out CDs in four years. I fully intend to spend a whole Saturday in the library expanding my collection. But for now, Professor Longhair and James Booker have earned a rightful place in my iTunes, and I’ll have so much to listen to on the plane!

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