David Seidler ’59

So I missed the Oscars — typical Sunday night pounding away at the thesis in Mann Library — but I am still joining the Cornell in celebrating the victory of one of our own. At 73, David Seidler ’59 just won an Oscar for his original screenplay of The King’s Speech, making him the oldest winner in that category, a record he said he hoped was beaten “quickly and often.” His speech was absolutely lovely, and the more I learned about his research process and all the time he poured into the project, the more I was impressed. Years of research, combing through old diaries, all motivated by his own experiences overcoming a stutter… I’m so proud. I mean, I liked the movie already, but knowing a Cornellian was behind it really kicks it up a notch. Seidler was even declared the “quiet hero” of the night. Not too shabby, Cornell! Check out his acceptance speech here.

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  1. I’d find it remarkable that David Seidler ’59 was not even at Cornell when King George VI died (1952).
    Excellent movie. Well worth the wait (just saw it after the Oscars, finally).

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