Horizontal Rain

Seemingly defying all laws of physics, assisted by strong winds, rain in Ithaca sometimes has a knack for falling horizontally. Shocked as I continue to be that this part of the country experiences “wintry mix” in October, which is not a winter month by most people’s classification, I sat down in my American Political Thought class to literally peel off the wet leaves that had gotten stuck to my rain coat and boots. Nice addition that they were, the color of the leaves really didn’t look right with the crazy black-and-silver pattern that graces my rain boots. They are remarkably not the boldest design I’ve seen during my time here. A good friend from Alaska once remarked that rain boots are somewhat pointless since it’s unheard of to encounter standing water that even touches your ankles, even in Ithaca. He’s right, but when else is it acceptable to wear bright yellow footwear that matches little to none of your clothes? We’ve got to take advantages of these opportunities when we can.

Winter is very clearly on our doorstep, and my sophomore class was so spoiled by last year’s late and mild winter that we’re having a hard time adjusting: I rung in my eighteenth birthday last October 4 in a miniskirt in 80-degree temperatures, and I didn’t even buy snow boots until right after Thanksgiving. We’ll survive – we always do – but I suspect a lot of people will have to change their Halloween costumes in light of the ice and snow we might see on Friday!

Tip for new Cornellians, care of my beloved Government professor and thirty-six-year veteran of our fair university: when your umbrella gets blown inside out and you can’t fix it, face the wind, and it will return to normal.

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