Good Start

It’s feeling like its going to be one of those awesome weekends when it’s only just begun. I went to my first Cornell hockey game of this season last night, a truly beautiful victory over the University of Western Ontario. I come from a football family, and ice hockey is not a big deal in my part of the country, but the rules of hockey are surprisingly easy to pick up.  I’m still astounded players are actually allowed to catch the puck in the air and put it back on the ice. Also, there’s a penalty for “slashing,” when a player hits someone with the stick, and “spearing,” for times when someone is “stabbed with the point of the stick blade while the stick is being carried in one or both hands.” (Credit: Hockey 101.)

The passion of our crowd is incredible. I had attended a few games for free last year by volunteering through Tradition, but this was my first game watching with the diehards who camp out overnight each year to buy season tickets. The pep band always rocks, and I love swaying with the crowd as we all sing the alma mater… or at least try to. I learned some new cheers and quite a bit of creative profanity, so I can’t wait for the next one.

I greeted families this morning who are visiting campus for First-Year Parents Weekend, when Cornell invites special entertainment (this year, Howie Mandel, last year Stephen Colbert,) and plans open houses, lectures, and events. I was posted outside of Mallott Hall, the home of Cornell’s math department. During my Calc II days, I managed to pretty much live there during office hours, help sessions, tutoring, and a one-credit Wednesday night class. Another story for another day, but I only stuck around Calc II, neither a major requirement nor necessarily pertinent to my career plans, long enough to get a whopping 45 on the first prelim and realize I didn’t belong there.

Talk about brilliant timing: the big sticking point in making my Spring ’09 schedule is if I’ll need to try Calculus again! Just when you think you’ve put something to bed, it can suddenly become a bigger issue than it was before. I know I’ll make the right choice, but I’m just looking for a sign, whenever that’s going to happen. In the meantime, I have a great weekend to get back to!

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