Trustee Weekend

Around this time each year, Cornell welcomes back its most dedicated alumni for the President’s State of the University Address, many meetings, and opportunities to meet the students whom their contributions support. Each year has a Scholarship Reception that I look forward to every year, and Friday night’s was just as fun as always.

Instead of returning to my Labor Law outline after dinner on Thursday, I dragged a number of undeserving friends back to my room to help me decide what to wear to yesterday’s Trustee Council Scholarship Reception. The party is over – and was so much fun! – and yet there are somehow still a good six or seven shoes strewn across my floor right now. The outfit turned out great, mostly courtesy my friend Michelle’s extensive sweater collection. It turns out she is just as lifesaving with cardigans as she has been with consistently brilliant life advice for the past year.

Looking smart in my favorite heels, I spent the whole evening talking to alumni who love Cornell just as much as I do. In all of the rumination I’ve done in the past few weeks about what shape my future will take, it’s so wonderful to see fellow Cornellians who found great careers and gave so much back to our school. Knowing that they were in the same shoes – though maybe not these particular red pumps – is quite a good feeling as I continue to consult the rest of the Labor Economics department (I think I’ve met with at least half!) and graduate school coordinators to no avail. I have to admit, though, I have quite the soft spot for those “my wife and I fell in love here back in 1953” tales, too… but that’s a whole different story and perhaps not as pressing as the upcoming pre-enroll.

I relish chances like these to step back and not think about the future too much, instead only thinking about how happy I am to be here and how I have to savor these years.

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