Back to School!

I arrived back in Ithaca this afternoon after a fabulous break and a long bus ride. I loved my trip to the University of Maryland, another school with a beautiful-but-hilly campus, and, for now, my Labor Econ data set is complete! I’m exactly where I should be for the horrifying amount of work I am facing for the next two weeks, including two massive grade-determining midterms on the week of the 20th. I’ve also got to figure out my Spring ’09 course plans sometime before Pre-Enroll, namely, how much more Calculus I can handle. These choices are wrapped up in my far-from-fixed graduate school and professional plans. I’m getting great advice from the ten or so ILR professors and advisors who quickly respond to my panicky e-mails, but I’m still the one who has to make this tough call way too soon.

Fall Break was a great time to get into the right mindset for these busy weeks. I know I can do it, but still, wish me luck?

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