42 Down, 58 to Go

For all of the jokes I make and receive about living in my school’s library, this morning was actually the first that I started my day anywhere close to when it opened at 8 a.m. It was actually a bit spooky when I sat down to continue data collection for my overly-ambitious Labor Econ paper. I’m a little under halfway through my sample of one hundred Chiefs of Staff for members of the House of Representatives, copying data on age, education, and career from a pretty sweet database called The Leadership Library. I will be linking this information to their salary data to see how those factors influence their yearly earnings (and whether or not I should go to grad school…?) The salary numbers are in a report from the Clerk of the House available at the Library of Congress, where I spent many a summer afternoon while working at the National Archives. Since it’s only a short drive from my home in Maryland, guess what I’m doing on the Saturday of my Fall Break?

I’m excited for the vacation, even though part of it will involve copying a lot of numbers into this ridiculous spreadsheet (I already have twenty columns!) I’m leaving most of my textbooks in Ithaca, concentrating on Labor Econ and enjoying the time with my family and beloved friends from the University of Maryland – I’ll see you Sunday, kids!

By the end of this semester, between my Stats and Labor Econ data sets about the Senate and the House, I will probably be sick of Congress. But perhaps for a different reason than the rest of the American public.

Onward: I just finished 51!

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