Story of My Life

Three lectures I want to attend are scheduled for the same time this Wednesday! In theory, I can easily walk between Ives, Goldwin Smith, and McGraw, but I still hate interrupting these things. As a clumsy person, the potential for becoming a huge distraction when leaving the room is quite high.

What to do?

  • “The Financial Crisis: Implications for Washington, Wall Street and Main Street.An interdisciplinary discussion featuring Robert C. Andolina, Visiting Senior Lecturer of Finance, Johnson School and Former Managing Director, Lehman Brothers; Professor David Easley, Henry Scarborough Professor of Social Sciences, Department of Economics; and Professor Elizabeth Sanders, Department of Government. Extremely topical and relevant content, and I can’t pretend like I fully understand all of the technical aspects of our present situation.
  • ILR Global Affairs Club presents Professor Sarosh Kuruvilla: Service Section Outsourcing to India. Structural changes of service section outsourcing to India as well as its implications for both India and the US. I know very little about India, and I still have yet to take a class here about the rest of the world. Interesting, relevant to my career choices, and given by an ILR professor, so it’s safe to assume that it’s going to be great.
  • The Cornell Democrats present Eric Alterman. Eric is a media critic and liberal journalist at the Nation magazine. He will be talking about media bias in the 2008 election and his take on contemporary politics. Exciting stuff, but discussion of the media and politics is not hard to find on this campus. I had sort of taken this one off the table before I checked the guy’s biography: he wrote a book about Bruce Springsteen. Talk about instantly winning my respect (and curiosity about how one makes money doing so!)

I guess that’s the downside of going to a school with so many great events: sometimes they happen at the same time.

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