Big Weekend

I think I spent a total of ten hours this weekend volunteering in the rain, which ended up being way more enjoyable than it sounds. Saturday morning brought me to the Cornell Plantations, where I joined the new Tradition fellows in helping with re-mulching some garden paths. The 150-acre Plantations is one of those places that you always know is right on campus, but almost never get the chance to visit. Opportunities to spend time there – even if they involve mulching and rain – are ones I always seize.

I just returned to campus and peeled off my wet clothes from another event: the Apple Harvest Festival, which seemed to go off without a hitch! It was the first service event I coordinated as a member of the Cornell Tradition’s Student Advisory Council, which had me a bit nervous for most of the week. It seems like all of the volunteers made it there safely and worked quite hard, so I was thrilled that it went smoothly.

After having to type my cell phone number in every e-mail I sent, I decided that an e-mail signature would be far more efficient. No longer just “Thanks! Patricia,” I have graduated to a very formal “Patricia Moscoso, Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, BS 2011.” Talk about another step toward adulthood.

Some friends and I are hitting up Bill Maher’s event after dinner, exciting stuff! The only downside is fitting an entire weekend’s worth of work into a Sunday night. I can’t say I’ve never done it before… and at least I have memories of an awesome weekend. If you manage to have fun in chilly temperatures, strong winds, and torrential downpour, you’ve got to be doing something right.

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