Catherwood Cookie Day

If the beloved annual tradition of “Catherwood Cookie Day” has taught me anything, it’s that sugar and butter tends to work wonders for your attitude at 8:40 on a Wednesday morning. Today, right in the middle of one of those world-on-your-shoulders kind of weeks, our fantastic library staff replaced the chairs in the lobby with two huge tables full of cookies.

Encouraged by their “yes, you are allowed to eat in the library: TODAY ONLY” sign, I’m inside enjoying my peanut butter cookie and apple juice. I’m working on more projects than can really fit in my long-suffering day planner, but I know I can handle it. It’s hard to say if my confidence in getting it all finished comes more from experience or comfort in knowing that the faculty and staff of ILR care enough to provide cookies for their students on weeks like this.

Either way, it’s a good feeling as I move through this hectic week and busy (but so fun!) weekend. After meeting new Cornell Tradition fellows in our Tradition in the Community event, a great excuse to visit the Cornell Plantations on an otherwise hectic Saturday, I get to watch Cornell school Yale in our Homecoming game. I’m spending Sunday in downtown Ithaca, coordinating the Cornell volunteers for this year’s Ithaca Apple Harvest Festival: I can’t wait for the pumpkin funnel cake and leaving my books in my room.

I’m running off to Labor Law and taking some cookies on my way out. I’m so convinced that, no matter how difficult things get over here, there is always someone to help. They may not always have cookies, but you never know when someone will go above and beyond for you. Today, between the cookies and all of the friends who have hugged me after seeing this week in my day planner, is yet another fine example.

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  1. I’m disappointed that I missed Cookie Day this year. 🙁

    Homecoming weekend is packed with events. I’m sad that you won’t be going to Bill Maher’s show.

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