Five Hours Later

Panic over impending prelims is starting to set in among my otherwise calm and collected friends, so we hiked up to Mann Library after brunch today. As fiercely loyal to the ILR library as I am, Mann may have an edge over Catherwood beat for 1) its classy art deco design, 2) its range of statistical software options, and 3) Manndible Cafe, the adorably-named snack bar just a few feet away from me. However, Mann falls way short on the comfortability of its chairs and the number of ILR friends I see every five minutes.

It’s probably for the best that I didn’t have distractions for the last five hours, as I have happily finished my Stats presentation for tomorrow (I know, I know, should have been done earlier.) While my friends are panic-studying for scary tests, I’ve had a pretty good time collecting and testing contemporary political data. My biggest challenges so far were assembling the dataset and using the unfamiliar statistical software. My options with a MacBook weren’t the best, but JMP on Mann’s computers draws pretty cute boxplots, so I can’t really complain. It hasn’t exactly been a monster test or unpleasant paper.

This presentation is one of very few big assessments I will have for a while. I’m a little worried about what a “take-home prelim” is, exactly, and why it had to be assigned on my birthday weekend, but that’s a very small sacrifice for an otherwise totally sweet schedule. I’m getting three credits and priceless guidance in my Stats class for studying a topic that interests me anyways, and even though it begins at 8:40, we stop meeting after the first presentation and have the rest of the semester to work on our projects. After this week, I won’t have a class that begins before 11:15 a.m. I’m also living it up in a two-credit pass/fail government class called Issues Behind the News, in which a different professor comes to present on a relevant issue each week. My remaining ILR classes, though tricky, seem to be completely worth the extra work.

I’m taking a break post-Stats and trying to find a good way to celebrate finishing the project. Something tells me that briefing a case in Labor Law may not be the best way?

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