I just got back from dinner in Collegetown with my beloved ILR Student Advisees, the coolest group of freshmen we have. Three of them ended up in my freshman year dorm – the beautiful Mews Hall – which I miss already. I got to reminisce about my happy days on 3West while still reassuring them that life on West Campus continues to rock. Life outside of freshman dorms is definitely a different experience, but I certainly believe that all it takes to be happy anywhere at Cornell is commitment. Friends in all five houses, Bethe House trivia games, my lovely suitemates, and our handsome fish, Hans A. Betta, make it pretty easy, too.

I’m enjoying a very light work weekend and trying to get ahead, which basically means copying and pasting campaign fundraising data into a spreadsheet.  My relationship with the Federal Elections Commission’s databases can be officially classified as love/hate. I just can’t wait to get the data into some equations and move on with all of the project(s.) I suddenly understand the point of research assistants!

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