(Almost) a Lake View

The not-too-shabby view of Carl Becker House and Cayuga Lake from my room in West Campus is a terrible reminder of everything I’m not doing today: I’m inside this morning trying to figure out the vexing problem of what I should study for the the rest of my semester in Stats. I’m truly excited to actually do the multivariate analysis, but choosing a topic has proved itself to be way more difficult than I anticipated. The main hitch is that I need at least 70 cases to write something worthwhile, so Springsteen albums (23) are out. I can’t study song frequency either, since trying to quantify the religious experience that is a concert is pretty close to impossible. I’ve considered studying the election, but Ms. Cynical American Teenager has kind of had enough of the conventions and can’t wait for November 4. Historical analyses are tricky, too, so I’ve basically exhausted my interests: politics, history, and the Boss. Maybe brunch at our beloved RPCC on North Campus, a mainstay of the Cornell freshman experience, will spark some creativity?

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  1. You should talk to Professor Cowie before ruling out Springsteen. If there’s any possible way to study The Boss, he’ll know it!

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