So Far, So Good

All five my of my classes are looking great. Even though I’m in fewer credits than last semester, I know I’m in for a challenge, both in content and volume. The work sounds pretty awesome so far: I have a total of three papers which are essentially extended statistical analysis in any subject I choose. I can’t help but feeling like I’m getting academic credit for investigating things I’ve wondered about since I got to ILR.

This is also the first semester where I get to see the “interdisciplinary” angle of ILR that makes it so unique. My Labor Econ and Labor Law classes have overlapped at least six times since classes started last Thursday. I keep reminding myself that there are very few undergrads in the U.S. who get the chance to study all of these subjects together, which makes for such an unbeatable experience.

On the flipside, I think I should hand my GPA to my Labor Econ professor right now, and I had to drop $132 for a leather bound Labor Law textbook. I keep coming up with excuses not to work out (too tired, too much reading, the pool is all the way up the slope, I’ll die with wet hair in the subzero temperatures of 105 Ives…) and my standing meal dates are all up in the air (anyone looking for lunch company on MWF?) I am a hopeless creature of habit, and I love my routines. It’s just a matter of time before all of this semester falls into place.

2 thoughts on “So Far, So Good”

  1. Down here at the science lab we have concluded that at subzero temps. your “wet” hair would technically be a solid. UB

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