Back to School

The usual stampede that is Add/Drop began this morning with none of the rage, tears, or running down the hallway of the previous two I’ve witnessed. Our new software bumped this rite-of-passage event from 6:30 a.m. to a reasonable 10 a.m., and I suppose that these things don’t seem quite as bad when they take place in the daytime. Though none of us have been able to even log in yet, no one is really panicking. I’m chalking this up to my residence in upperclassman housing: I suppose we’re seasoned veterans who know not to worry.

Pre-enroll was freaking miraculous for me last semester, so I’m only online trying to drop one class and add another: a Phys Ed instead of an academic class, how appropriate! Since I need to resuscitate my wounded GPA, I’m unfortunately dropping a three hundred-level Anthro class I would ordinarily love to take. Thursday morning Yoga, here I hopefully come.

Orientation Week is winding to a close, which mostly means I can finally wash the “Orientation Volunteer” shirt I’ve (eww) been wearing since Friday. I’m looking forward to getting into the rhythm of classes and routine pool hours, even though it will mean less time for all of the fun I’ve had this week. I’ve met many new people and explored many new restaurants. I also got to enjoy cheating at “Clue” and the hilarity of wheeling an office chair from our friend’s room in Cascadilla Hall to West Campus…

I’ve watched little bit of Democratic National Convention here and there (amen for streaming C-SPAN!) but I can’t help but feeling like a cynical, jaded teenager when I contemplate how my faith in the Democratic Party has eroded since 2004. Senator Kennedy’s speech still rocked, though, and I thought Senator Clinton brought down the house… but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m just half-heartedly waiting through the speeches for Bruce Springsteen’s surprise appearance. Thursday night, I swear.

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