Itching for Something to Start

Welcome everybody (ok, mom…) to my Life on the Hill blog! I am thrilled to be here and looking forward to my official start as a blogger just a few months. The entries will begin when I return to Ithaca on August 19 as an Orientation Leader for new Cornellians. In the meantime, check out my About Me, Academics, and Choosing Cornell sections. Leave a comment or drop me a line anytime.

Though legit thrilled to get back to school, my friends, and my home in Ives Hall, I am having an awesome summer as a Legislative Intern at the National Archives. Its Center for Legislative Archives, where I work, is responsible for preserving the records of Congress in addition to important public outreach functions. I work with people who love talking history as much as I do and have actually made a living out of it! (An additional shout-out to my fellow interns and history junkies Lauren and Liz.) We are doing a good deal of background research on the historical context and important players- seriously, ask me anything about Henry Clay- in events where Congress has shaped American history. Our work is a perfect intersection of history and politics, and whether or not it gives me any career direction, I am loving what I’m doing.

Summer should continue to literally continue to rock: I’m taking a brief break from War Hawks and Radical Republicans to catch my second Bruce Springsteen show this summer! I also think I’m in for a fabulous sophomore year, though it has very big shoes to fill.

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