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Consumer Education

New York Organic Milk for New York’s Consumers

Project 36 is a consumer education initiative that evolved out of farmer and consumer concern over an influx of milk entering New York grocery stores from thousands of miles away. Part of the Organic mandate is to reduce our carbon footprint. Project 36 helps concerned consumers to locate milk processed in New York State on store shelves. The “36” refers to the first two digits of a code stamped on each milk carton that traces the milk to a New York processor. New York plants process mostly New York milk in addition to some milk from neighboring states depending on the plant’s location. Therefore, choosing the “36” carton assures consumers that the milk they are buying is local. Know where your milk comes from! States and their processing Codes help spread the word about supporting NY State dairy! Print these informative Post Cards (pdf) about Project 36 to hand out to interested consumers.

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