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[How To Find Out More]…About That Journal You Need

Do you need to find out if a journal is peer-reviewed or if it’s open access? Are you having trouble searching for a journal based on a citation? Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory should have what you need and more!

The world of serial publications (magazines, journals, newsletters, newspapers, and conference proceedings) is complex. Often, different journals have similar names or a single word name, which can make for a difficult search. Ulrich’s can help you figure out which journal is the one you are seeking. It lists basic information about a publication, such as when it began publishing and how often it is published, so you can use other parts of the citation to help you locate an article (for example, by matching up the issue number and article date). If your citation has an abbreviated journal title, visit JAbbr to find the full title.

Screenshot of Public Utilities Fortnightly Basic Description in Ulrichs

Publications can also change their title over time. Ulrich’s lists previous titles, as well as the titles of journals that have been purchased and incorporated into a journal with a different title. It also contains information that can be useful if you are researching the publication itself, such as the publisher’s address, how often issues are published, pricing information, circulation statistics, and which databases contain articles from this publication. Ulrich’s is an invaluable tool for locating and validating your sources.

Screenshot of Public Utilities Fortnightly Title History and Publisher & Ordering Details in Ulrichs


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